Computer Science Student Organizations

Get involved, meet new friends and enrich your academic experience by joining one of our many Computer Science student organizations. 

Women in Technology

The focus of our organization is to support women in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology. We provide this support by giving students access to mentoring services and opportunities to collaborate with faculty and contribute to the community at large.

Through hands-on learning, every WiT member will build on their professional development, learn technical interview skills, programming and hardware/software concepts, software development methodologies, contribute to an open source project, build interpersonal skills, and much more.

For more information about Women in Technology, please email the group at or contact the group's faculty advisor:

Linxi Zhang

Association of Information Technology Professionals

The Association of Information Technology Professionals is a worldwide professional association that focuses on information technology education for business professionals. AITP provides a strong network of powerful resources and opportunities to achieve your professional goals.

Benefits of joining AITP:

  • AITP offers opportunities for Information Technology leadership and education through partnerships with industry leaders.
  • Quality IT education.
  • Member only webinars and conferences focusing on information technology education.
  • Networking with nearly 9,000 members in the IT profession.
  • Attend the National Colligate Conference and compete in competitions covering many aspects of information technology.

The AITP goal at CMU is to assist in providing a strong computer programmer or information technology candidate additional skills and resources to excel in the IT industry. We strive to provide the additional education for our members to become better candidates in the work force and stronger professionals.

To join, email the CMU AITP president, Ankrit Gupta, at, or the CMU AITP Vice-President, Rachel Crowley, at​.

Association of Computing Machinery

ACM is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society. We focus on teaching valuable information that will not only make you an asset to future employers but also will give you a broader knowledge than the material presented in classes, including problem solving and team building through warm up exercises and weekly meetings.

Computer Science Research and Graduate Preparation

Computer Science Research and Graduate Preparation is a student organization at Central Michigan University focused on providing resources for computer science majors to find employment or higher degrees after graduation. Throughout the semester you can gain experience working with other scholars and faculty on a research project while gaining essential leadership and research experience. Each week there will be a workshop dedicated to graduate application materials, resume building, or focusing on research. We work closely with other organizations on campus to expand your network and collaborate with other students.​