Geography and Environmental Studies Graduate Programs

Geographic Information Systems

Are you fascinated by how communities are organized? Do you want to help solve geographic challenges in city government, business, scientific research or public land management? If so, explore a master’s degree in geographic information sciences (GIS). You’ll gain essential computer skills, learn to work in the field or office, and develop a mix of creative and technical talents.

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Earth and Ecosystem Science Ph.D. Program

To safeguard earth's precious natural resources, science needs to pinpoint our best course of action. Lead the discovery of viable solutions with a Ph.D. in earth and ecosystem science. Investigate patterns and processes that regulate environmental variations. Conduct research-intensive studies. Be a champion of the environment with this doctorate program.

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Certificate in Data Mining

Big data can lead to big insights. You can be a data hero by extracting valuable insights from data sets. Explore our one-year, graduate certificate program in data mining. Gain advanced knowledge on the application of data mining. Learn essentials for working with and analyzing big data, skills much in demand in industries and organizations around the world.

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