Meet Team Chippewa Performance

A group of students standing around one of the Baja cars in a parking lotBaja SAE is a collegiate design series organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers that challenges students to engineer, fabricate, and race developmental single passenger off-road vehicles. The Baja SAE Team is a real-world manufacturing project that teaches students not only skills in the realm of engineering and technology, but business skills such as logistics and marketing as well.

Each team's goal is to design and build a single-seat, all-terrain, sporting vehicle. Along with the build process, each team must make their vehicle reliable, serviceable, ergonomic, and economical to produce. This vehicle should be able to be produced at a size of approximately 4,000 units per year. The vehicle should aspire to market-leading performance in terms of speed, handling, ride, and ruggedness over various off-road conditions while maintaining a great value. Each vehicle is judged upon these attributes by industry professionals along with a series of dynamic races designed to push the limits of the vehicle.

A group of students standing with 2 CMU Baja cars in front of the CMU Arch.Not only does Chippewa Performance provide students with a thrilling pass-time, but we also build students into industry-ready professionals. The team teaches students to be well-rounded, professional, and sharpens problem solving skills. Most importantly, we can proudly say we have a 100% post-graduation employment rate among active members!”

Meet the Team

  • President, Chassis and Ergo Lead: Nick Agro
  • Vice President, Steering Lead: Gavin Kelly
  • Team Administer: Jayden Burkhart
  • Social Media Chair: Connor Nowosatka
  • Suspension Lead: Blake Howard
  • Break Leads: Tyler Dewitt and Emily Osbourne
  • Drivetrain Leads: Gavin Kelly and Tyler Cook
  • Faculty Advisor: Ben Ritter
  • NickAgro– Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jayden Burkhart – Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Blake Howard – Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • ConnorNowosatka– Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Emily Osbourne – Senior, Outdoor Recreation
  • Jacob Thomas – Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Wallace Trimmer – Senior, Electrical Engineering
  • Tyler Cook – Junior, Interior Design
  • Gavin Kelly – Junior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tyler DeWitt – Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering
  • Reese McLean – Freshmen, Mechanical Engineering
  • Join Baja

    Baja SAE is open to all majors and class standings. To join, simply come to our meetings at 7pm on Monday and Wednesday nights in ET 139! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: