The InSciTE Certificate

InSciTE is a brand-new certificate aimed at empowering you with the 21st-century skills employers are keen to see on resumes.
InSciTE student in a dark sweatshirt and glasses cutting material in an InSciTE classroom.

The certificate consists 5 courses: a 100-level course, a 200-level course, a 300-level course, and two 400-level courses that serve as a capstone. Each course is offered in the Spring semester, besides the 400-level courses (besides the 400-level courses that are cover both Fall and Spring semesters to allow students more time for an authentic research experience.). Students are accepted into the program during the Fall of their freshman year and complete the program as a cohort. Transfer students can join the program by doubling up and taking two InSciTE courses simultaneously to complete the program.

While InSciTE has true courses that are worth credits, classes are not traditional in any way: classes are completely student-driven in content, with each cohort impacting the curriculum based on individual interests. Courses are team-taught by faculty from all departments of the College of Science and Engineering modeling professional collaboration.

This program does not replace an existing program. Instead, it is a highly innovative program that responds to current needs. While few similar programs exist in the United States currently, many large universities seem to have realized the need for such a set of skills and are discussing putting in place similar initiatives. As such, our program is both current and in the forefront of such a movement. The program is designed to complement existing programs in the College of Science and Engineering.