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Graduate and Online Studies

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Teacher Education Graduate Programs​

​The department of Teacher Education and Professional Development (TEPD) offers students excellent preparation for graduate teaching programs. CMU leads the state of Michigan in the number of master's degrees in teaching conferred annually, averaging 700.​

On-Campus Graduate Level Programs​

The MA in Early Childhood Education endorsement is designed for elementary teachers and administrators interested in specialized study of research and methodology used in teaching the preprimary or primary grades (kindergarten through third grade). The student and his/her advisor will develop a program that includes examination of the developmental characteristics of learners of this age period and the design of curricula to foster learning and growth.

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Teacher Education Global Campus Graduate Programs

The MA in Education offers 3 different concentration of studies: Community College, Curriculum and Instruction, and Training and Development.  This degree is designed to broaden the experience of students new to education or teaching adult populations and deepen the talents of experienced teachers and administrators. 

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M.A. in Educational Technology

MA in Educational Technology prepares students to provide instruction utilizing new learning technologies. The technologies addressed in this program include multimedia, telecommunications, and distance learning. The program meets the needs of classroom teachers and also prepares individuals for technology leadership roles.

M.A. in Reading and Literacy
MA in Reading and Literacy K-12option prepares students with teaching certificates to specialize in the study of research and methodology in reading from kindergarten through secondary education. The program provides in-depth study of literacy programs, theoretical models and processes of reading and writing, assessment, interdisciplinary processes and strategies in literacy, current literacy issues, and the diagnosis and remediation of reading difficulties. The program includes a six week supervised clinical practicum.

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Doctorate in Educational Technology
Doctorate in Educational Technology
is designed for those interested in professional research and a rigorous evaluation of educational technology or technology-based training. The D.E.T. will prepare graduates for a wide array of leadership positions in K-12 schools, virtual schools, community colleges, 4-year colleges, and universities as well as corporate, industrial, and military settings
(faculty member, instructional designer, online curriculum specialist, evaluation and research associate, educational researcher, educational developer, educational research assessment analyst, online intervention specialist learning coordinator, instructional technology specialist, learning and development facilitator, training integration specialist, and many more positions as this field expands). 

The program is taught completely online in a cohort format where students start and finish a set schedule of courses together.  There are no face-to-face requirements.  Courses are offered in full semesters and students take two courses at a time per semester year round (Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters) over the first two years.  Both synchronous and asynchronous communications are implemented into the courses for building relationships with other cohort members as well as the faculty. There are no seated classroom requirements. Courses are offered in 16-week semesters. Students take two courses at a time each semester and year round (Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters).  

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