Summer Classes

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Summer Session I

May 16–20

BIO597z6 Beaver Island Bird Diversity during Migration (2 credits or non-credit workshop) Nancy Seefelt

An investigation of bird diversity during spring migration on Beaver Island using field observation, field techniques, and museum specimens.  Course includes experience in mist-netting and bird banding.  Participants must be able to hike outdoors. Binoculars required and supplied by participants 

Prerequisites: 12 credit hours of Biology or permission of instructor 

Summer Session II

June 27-15

BIO 213Z Foundations of Ecology (4 credits) Kevin Pangle

Study of the relationship between organisms and their environment.

Prerequisite: BIO 112 with C- or better

July 16-23

BIO 100Z Field Biology (3 credits) Brad Swanson

Introduction to the techniques and methods for field studies in biology. Sampling procedures, interpretation and data analysis emphasize basic ecological relationships between organisms and their environments. (Open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors for college credit.)

July 8-11

PHYS180z Introduction to Observational Astronomy (1 credit or non-credit workshop) Aaron LaCluyze

An introduction to astronomical topics that may be of interest to amateur astronomers. Topics may include: coordinate systems, telescope designs, stellar characteristics, lunar phases, seasonal sky variations, and solar activity. Weather permitting, nighttime observing will be done as a part of this class.

July 18-29

BIO 366z Freshwater Biology (3 credits)

An introduction to the ecology of freshwater systems with an emphasis on the natural history, identification, and collection of freshwater organisms.

Prerequisite: currently changing prerequisites, contact the Department of Biology for new prerequisites and/or to be added to this course