Biology Graduate Student Information

Learn more about the biology graduate programs and how to apply to them.

How to apply

1. Apply to Central Michigan University for admission to graduate studies.

  • Specify "Conservation Biology" on the application if you wish to pursue this degree option.
  • Include official transcripts from all previously attended universities where over 9 credit hours were taken.

2. Apply to the Department of Biology graduate program.

3. Send the completed Application Form, Grade Point Calculation Form, Advisor Acceptance Form, and arrange to have three (3) recommendation forms/letters sent to:

    Graduate Program Administrator
    Department of Biology
    Central Michigan University
    Biosciences 2100
    Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
    or via email to

4. Apply for a teaching assistantship in the Department of Biology (strongly encouraged)

  • To be considered for a CMU-funded TA or RA, all university and program required application materials need to be submitted and available to the review committee by February 1st.
  • Teaching Assistant Application is included in the Department of Biology Application Form above.

Learn more and apply for biology graduate and doctoral programs at Central Michigan University.

Master of Science in Biology

We offer both Plan A (thesis) and Plan B (non-thesis) Master of Science degrees.

Plan A requires completion of six credit hours in BIO 798 (Thesis), one credit hour in BIO 730 (Seminar), 23 hours of graduate course work approved by your advisor and advisory committee, and an oral defense of the thesis.

Plan A is recommended if you wish to prepare for a research-oriented career or for doctoral study.

Plan B requires the completion of 36 credit hours of graduate-level course work approved by your advisor and advisory committee and a written and/or oral comprehensive examination over the course work.

Students must submit an approved Plan B paper demonstrating either research, independent study, or internship.

Explore this degree

Master of Science in Biology: Conservation

Here you'll gain valuable experience in current conservation techniques as well as population and community ecology...perfect for a career with state and federal agencies and conservation organizations.

Explore this degree

Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology M.S. and Ph.D. Program

Get research-based multidisciplinary training in diverse aspects of biological, biochemical, and biomedical sciences. Learn more about the BMCB programs below:

Earth and Ecosystem Science Ph.D. Program

In this research-intensive program, you'll investigate patterns and processes that regulate environmental variations across a range of temporal and spatial scales. Study the dynamics of aquatic and terrestrial systems (modern and ancient, pristine and polluted) in diverse geographic regions, with a particular focus on the interrelations between multiple factors that govern Earth and ecosystem processes. Learn more about this multidisciplinary program below:


Financial support

Admission to the biology graduate program does not guarantee financial support. All applicants are encouraged to apply for a Teaching Assistantship, which are awarded on a competitive basis. Please discuss the possibility of a Research Assistantship with your advisor when applying to the biology graduate program.

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