Biology electives schedule

It's highly beneficial for students to schedule a meeting with their academic advisor to strategically plan the optimal times to take elective courses and enhance their academic journey.


 Class TitleFall 2024Spring 2025Fall 2025Spring 2026
BIO 320Biology of Microorganismsxxxx
BIO 321 WIIntroduction to Conservation Biologyx x 
BIO322 WIFreshwater Conservation   x
BIO 324Cell Biology  x 
BIO 325Biotechnologyxxxx
 BIO 330Light Microscopyx x 
 BIO 337Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy x x
 BIO 365Environmental Contaminants x x
 BIO 367Introduction to Marine Sciencex x 
 BIO 392Mammalian Physiologyxxxx
 BIO 435Toxicology x x
 BIO 501Evolution   x
 BIO 509Ichthyology x  
 BIO 510Fisheries Biology  x 
 BIO 515Ornithology x  
 BIO 518Animal Behavior x  
 BIO 519Invertebrate Systematics & Ecologyx   
 BIO 526Limnologyx x 
 BIO 534Endocrinologyx x 
 BIO 537Immunology x x
 BIO 539Virologyx x 
 BIO 540Mammalogy   x
 BIO 541Wildlife Biology and Managementx x 
 BIO 544Developmental Biology  x 
 BIO 545Molecular Genetics   x
 BIO 546Molecular Genetics Lab   x
 BIO 549Herpetology  x 
 BIO 550Transmission Electron Microscopyx x 
 BIO 552Scanning Electron Microscopy x x
 BIO 553Confocal Microscopy x x
 BIO 557Woody Plants of Michiganx   
 BIO 561Wetland Ecology and Management x x
 BIO 565Microbial Diversity/Physiology x  
 BIO 572Epigenetics x  
 BIO 575 Applied Bioinformatics   x
 BIO 576WI Mammalian Cell Culture   x
 BIO 580 Medical Microbiologyx x 
 BIO 585 Conservation Medicine x x
 BIO 590 Cardiovascular Physiologyx   
 BIO 591Neurophysiologyxxxx
 BIO 592Developmental Neurobiology  x 
 BIO 595Cancer Biologyx x