Laboratory Safety

At Central Michigan University, instructors provide safety training that is specific to the laboratory course and location you'll be working in.

Laboratory Safety Training for Researchers

Faculty, staff, students, technicians, postdocs, and anyone else expecting to work in a research laboratory in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry must complete lab safety training prior to initiating research. The following steps must be taken:

  • Complete laboratory safety training in-classroom or online
  • Complete the lab safety training evaluation as instructed
  • Complete this  Safety Training Form with your research advisor and return it to the Office of Laboratory and Field Safety
  • Consult with your research advisor about any other laboratory-specific trainings (e.g. standard operating procedures) that are required prior to beginning research

Annual Lab Safety Training Refresher

All researchers must complete laboratory safety refresher training annually, either online or at the Department's annual lab safety refresher event, which is typically held in Dow Science Complex 135 (the active learning classroom). A representative from CMU's Office of Laboratory & Field Safety offers a fun and informative lab safety refresher training, including games and prizes, and a chemistry social follows the meeting.