Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Research Opportunities

Turn what you've learned in the classroom into practical experience and work side-by-side with Environmental Science, Geology, and Meteorology instructors on ongoing research projects, including:

  • Modeling the fate and transport of PFAS chemicals in groundwater in southwest Michigan.
  • Determining trace element distribution in spodumene using cathodoluminescence, portable x-ray fluorescence, and a scanning electron microscope (SEM).
  • Evaluating porosity in the Antrim Shale.
  • Investigating arsenic biochemistry in rice fields.
  • Climate and snowfall monitoring in Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
  • Sampling boundary layer variability across lake-breeze fronts as part of the Student Training for Observational Research in Meteorology project.
  • Analyzing return intervals for hail size over US cities.

Contact your faculty advisor to start getting involved in research today.

Financial support is available through the Edmore Meteorite Undergraduate Research Fund.