Costs - CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island

Join us for a class or two at the CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island. Learn more about the breakdown of costs associated.

2024 summer rates coming soon

2023 rates 

Here's a breakdown of costs associated with your stay at the field station.  


Tuition rates for all CMU courses are established by the CMU Board of Trustees and are based on academic class status. View tuition rates.  Registration for CMUBS courses through CentralLink begins in February. Once you are registered, you will be sent housing information. No student services fees are assessed for CMUBS course registrations. 


Workshop fees are calculated at $325/credit hour. Participants must make a $50 deposit to research space in the workshop and reserve housing. See the Workshop page for more detail.

Food and housing  

For more information on housing accommodations, visit our Housing page

Housing costs include dining hall meals. Food and housing rates are subject to change without notice. 

CMU student rates 

Housing costs include 3 meals per day at the dining hall. 

  • Dorm - Daily Rate (per person, per day): $45 

  • Cabin - Daily Rate (per person, per day): $45 

  • Campsite - Daily Rate (per person, per day): $40 

Food and housing standard rates for all others 

Mission-aligned rates for all guests who are NOT CMU students enrolled in class at the CMUBS. 

  • Dorm (per person, per day): $61 ($49 if you apply before May 1) 

  • Cabin (per person, per day): $61 ($49 if you apply before May 1) 

  • Campsite (per person, per day): $55 ($44 if you apply before May 1) 

  • Faculty/Staff/Researcher Housing (per person, per day): $87 ($70 if you apply before May 1) 

  • Immediate family members staying with faculty/staff/researcher in space provided while on CMU business (rates are per person, per day): $37 (13 and older), $24 (ages 5-12) 


  • First cancellation of a reservation results in disqualification on eligibility for discounted rates 

  • Second cancellation of a reservation disqualifies you from making future reservations 

  • The maximum charge for a faculty/staff unit or cabin will be two times the per person food and housing charge plus the charge for any additional guest staying in the unit above the first two persons paying the full food and housing rate. 

Per meal rates for day visitors 

For visitors not lodging at the Biological Station 

  • Breakfast: $9 

  • Lunch: $12 

  • Dinner: $16 

Auditorium, classrooms, labs, boats and tour rates 

  • Auditorium Use: $150 per day, 1-7 hours 

  • Bench Use (for individuals): $25 per day 

  • Classroom/Lab Use (for groups): $100 per day 

  • Dining Room Use (for groups): $150 per day 

  • Linens (towels or bed): $4 per request 

  • Note: Dorm and cabin residents must provide their own linens 

  • Lost Key: $50 

  • CMUBS Group Tour Daily Charge: $150, up to 3 hours 

  • CMUBS Group Tour Daily Charge: $50 per hour beyond 3 hours 

  • Research Vessel Chippewa Tour (2 hour minimum): $160/hour plus $5/gal fuel used 

  • Small vessels (Zodiac, jon boat): $30/day 

NOTE: for non-mission-aligned rates, please email cmubs@cmich.