Biological Station Workshops

Adult student in a black dress observing anomalies in the sky while taking a CMU Astronomy class at the CMU Biological Station.Workshop participants can attend courses that have a workshop (or no credit) option and build knowledge without earning the course credits. Find the workshops available on the Summer Classes page and look for those offering the workshop option. Workshop participants pay a workshop fee ($325 per credit hour) and housing/dining costs for their stay at the station. See the housing page for housing options and the costs page for rates.

Please contact station staff at if you have questions about workshops or the registration process.

* Please note: you cannot change a workshop to take the course for credit once the course starts. 

  • A $50 deposit is due at the time of course registration. This deposit will be applied towards the workshop fee. Click the button below to pay your deposit online and submit the registration form to let the station manager know immediately about your interests.  

  • The remaining balance for the workshop fee along with food and housing fees will be billed after your stay at the CMUBS. 

  • A 20% discount on food and housing fees is available if you register before May 1st 

If Central Michigan University cancels the class, all fees will be refunded. If the participant cancels, there will be no refund if cancelled within 14 days of the course start date