Biology Scholarships

Each year, we award biology scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. These include awards for incoming freshmen and transfer students who are planning to major in biology at CMU and students taking summer classes or doing research at the CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island. 


To apply for a scholarship, fill out the online application. After filling out your personal information at the top of the page check the box for each scholarship that you would like to be considered for. In addition to the application form, all applications require a personal statement outlining your qualifications and financial need, copies of current transcripts unofficial copies are acceptable), a curriculum vita (c.v.), and two completed recommendation forms. Some scholarships have additional application requirements (see the application form). You can download this c.v. help form  and for letters of recommendation, download our recommendation form. Your application will be stronger with a recommendation from a professor, teacher or professional supervisor, if possible.

Scholarship Application

Return all applications materials to the Biology Department (only complete applications will be reviewed) by email to BioSc​

Applications for the CMU Biological Station Scholarships will be forwarded to the Director of the CMU Biological Station for selection.

Descriptions and qualifications for each of the Biology Department scholarships and the CMU Biological Station scholarships are listed on the the menu.

Note: Scholarships that specify a particular class rank (e.g. freshman, sophomore, junior) are referring to the class rank you will be in the following academic year, not your rank at the time of application.


Many of the scholarships are renewable, but require submission of a new application each year. The deadline for most scholarship applications is March 15th. However, incoming freshman and transfer student applications are due May 1. Scholarship funds are dispersed the following summer (summer awards only) or in the fall and spring (half each semester) of the following academic year.

Awards ceremony

Each year in late September/early October, the Biology Department hosts a scholarship awards ceremony and reception that scholarship recipients are required to attend.