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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Student Resources

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible educational opportunities and to prepare you for a rewarding and challenging career in science and engineering.

Get the most out of your time at CMU and take advantage of our resources for undergraduate students in the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.

Internship and independent study opportunities

​You will complete an internship or an independent study as part of your Environmental Science major. These experiences will provide you with real world experience through applying critical thought and technical skills learned in your coursework to solve challenging problems. They will also help develop the communication skills that are highly valued by today's employers.

You can register for the internship course (ENS 491) or independent study course (MET 597) after completing three or more courses in the program, two of which must be 300 level or higher.

Internship opportunities

There are a variety of companies and government agencies that provide internship opportunities in Michigan, and we are working with them to establish agreements that will allow for easy placement of our students. An internship must be approved by a faculty member, and you will receive a grade for your internship based on a report you submit and an evaluation from your supervisor. Internships are typically taken during the summer, and can be paid or unpaid.

Independent study opportunities

You will work under the guidance of a faculty member to extend the knowledge gained in your coursework. An independent study will allow you to develop your own questions and answer them through analysis of prior studies, collection of data from the field, or analysis of data in the lab and on the computer. A written report, poster, or presentation will be created to share your research findings. You will then be able to present the results of your research at a national conference of a professional organization.​

Other resources