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Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary program and​ combines scientific knowledge in disciplines like chemistry, biology and psychology to study how the brain and the nervous system work to guide thoughts, dreams and behavior.

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Neuroscience majors become medical professionals (MD, DO, PA, PT, etc.), researchers (in biotech, pharmaceutical, hospitals, etc.), educators (teachers, professors, etc.), and can be found in many other professions (such as law, business, etc.) that value the critical thinking skills and ability to synthesize diverse information that is gained by studying neuroscience.

Most of our majors have attained careers in biomedical research or in the medical/allied health professions. Others have pursued careers in industry (biotech firms and pharmaceutical companies), government (NIH), law, insurance industry, and education (professors, career counselors).

Some of these careers require graduate-level degrees:​
  • Behavioral Neuroscientist 
  • Clinical Psychologist 
  • Laboratory Technician 
  • Medical Assistant 
  • Neurologist 
  • Neuropharmacologist 
  • Neurochemist 
  • Neuropsychologist