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Courageous and Effective

CMU leaders take stands. We manage conflict as opportunity for improvement and provide timely, actionable feedback. We lead with a sense of urgency and decisiveness and use goals and tasks as stepping stones. We embrace change and uncertainty with confidence and openness. We take reasonable risks. We respect everyone, always. We stay composed and help others to stay calm. We skillfully negotiate tough situations, finding common ground to settle differences and maintain relationships.

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    This intensive, two-day workshop provides participants with a robust and tactical implementation plan to fully integrate the 7 Habits into their lives. You will learn how to improve focus, communication, and balance for yourself and your organization; how to develop professional relationships for productive collaboration; the importance of responsibility, accountability, and commitment; skills for increasing productivity by staying focused on the right things; and how to reduce conflict by understanding exactly what you can influence. Cost is $95 and covers the Franklin Covey workbook.

    This Franklin Covey workshop is specifically designed for supervisors.  It coaches you in how to release the potential and passion of your team members through 1) guiding them to discover their unique talents and contributions, 2) clarifying desired results and accountability, and 3) being a genuine source of help and support for them. There is a $40 materials fee. 

    We've all been there. We need to talk, but we would rather not! Whether it's about performance, discipline, emotions, or the neighbor's dog, the struggle of what to say and how to say it weighs heavy. Utilizing principles and ideas from a variety of resources, we will look at the dynamics of what is involved in this kind of conversation, and explore practical ways to make them less stressful and more productive.

    Spend too much time in meetings? Many of us do. Learn techniques to increase buy-in, participation, and commitment. Be a meeting leader who uses meetings to get things done, make decisions, build morale, and communicate pertinent information. Participants will review how to bring more structure and direction to their meetings, while keeping them interactive and positive.

    These conversations are the key to getting things done and strengthening work relationships, yet they often miss the mark on both counts!  This training covers the 4 basic needs of every employee, and what you can do to best meet those needs through effective two way conversations.

    Change happens!  Whether at home or work, chosen or not, we all face change of various kinds and intensities.  How can I work through change to obtain the best possible results, while helping those around me who may be experiencing some of the same things?  Based on 3 different models of change, this interactive workshop will explore the dynamics involved, so participants can better navigate through both the change and their personal reactions to it.