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Graduate Student Story Archive

Each month a set of graduate student stories are highlighted on the Office of Graduate Studies homepage.  This page serves as an archive for all graduate student highlight stories, broken down by academic year and college.  Explore and learn about the incredible work being done by CMU graduate students!

2023-24 stories

Kaitlyn Coons, Communication, Journalism, and Media

Graduate String Quartet, School of Music

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Mohammad Iftekharul Alam, Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising

Lisa Hudson, Educational Technology

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Zachery Mondlak, Psychology

Cayla Mitzkovitz, Clinical Psychology

Sydney Yochum, Clinical Psychology

Katherine Brushaber-Drockton,Clinical psychology

Carson Prichard, Earth and Ecosystem Science

Chris HauptBiochemistry and Molecular Biology

Olivia Buzinski, Biology

2022-23 stories

Hope Spaw, Music
Thomas Delor, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts

Naveen Kumar Reddy Patil, Business Information Systems

Kelvin Byrd, Counseling, Educational Leadership & Higher Education

Tara Braun, Counseling, Educational Leadership & Higher Education
Leslee Weible
, Fashion, Interior Design, and Merchandising

Barbara Slagel, Health Administration
Jocelynn Venema
, Physical Therapy

Amanda Borchardt, Psychology
Mable Clark, Psychology
Nathaniel Gonzalez, History
Laura Willman, Psychology
Charles Fales, Psychology
Gina Rossitto, Psychology
Danielle Paull, Psychology
Edwin Williamson
, English Language & Literature
Alexandra Thelan, Psychology
Young-Kook Moon, Psychology

Nicole Vellequette, Biology
Rasha Almughrabi, Mathematics

Mary Gibson, Biology
Bridgette Russell
, Mathematics
Ali Raza, Engineering & Technology
Jack Newcomb, Physics
Jake Sawecki, Biology
Kaitlyn Whitefoot-Keliin, Biology
John Jalkanen, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jacob Lentz
, Chemistry
Ezazul Haque Sabuz, Engineering & Technology
David Varner, Mathematics
Travis Rainey, Biology

2021-22 stories

Kelci Gormley, Communication, Pope's Persuasion

Joshua Daniels, Music, Music Enthusiast

Aimee Miller, Communication, Fandoms and Identity

Deniz Çağlarcan, Music, Viola Versatility

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Emily Dimet, Master of Science in Administration, International Intelligence
Michael Eliadis, MA in Education, Student Simulations
Leslee Weible, Apparel Product Development & Merchandise Technology, Apparel Advocacy
Jerome Cawley, Educational Leadership, Student Spirituality

Cassandra Tate, Health Administration, Investigating Identity

Misty Hauser, Health Administration, Prioritizing Patients

Jacob Aday, Psychology, Psyched about Psychedelics!
Courtney Johnson, History, Influencing Teac(her)s
Mikaela Overton, Psychology, Interaction Interventions
Sarah Sykes, Psychology, CHARGEing Forward
Autumn Rivard, Cultural Resource Management, Quilt Query
Evan Woolbright, English, Media Masculinity

Amber Hubbard, Biology, Saving Swamps
Nichelle VanTassel, Earth & Ecosystem Science, Night at the Smithsonian

Mohamed Elaswad, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Winning Worms
Emad Sanei, Earth & Ecosystem Science, Purifying Pollution
Jack Mouradian, Biology, Concerning Crude
Kylie McElrath, Biology, Monitoring Muskrats

Megan Bos, Biology, Exploring the Wetlands

2020-21 stories

Bradley Madsen, Communication, Political Perspective

Hope Spaw, Music, Promising Piccolo

Jayla Gaskins, Communication, Hiding in Plain Sight

Aimee Miller, Communication, All Abroad

Brittni Abiolu, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Big Dreams

Katelyn Haas, Apparel Product Development & Merchandising Technologies, Fashion for Anxiety

Emily Doyle, Apparel Product Development & Merchandising Technologies, Empowering Design

George Thayer, Educational Technology, Educational Escape

Natalie Zainea, Fashion Merchandising & Design, Getting to Know Gaba

Natalie Zainea, Fashion Merchandising & Design, When Fashion Meets Function

Lydia Patten, Speach-Language Pathology, Connecting Communities

Angela Iwebunor Okonji, Public Health, Perceiving Prevalence

DPT Students and faculty advisor Dr. Caroline Gwaltney, Physical Therapy, Learning How to Heal

Janae Alexander, Public Health, Award Winning Alum

Rosemarie Vitale, Nutrition & Dietetics, Take 2 Type 2

Michael Ignat, Cultural Resource Management, Remembering the Forgotten

Hannah Gulick, Cultural Resource Management, Modeling Minidoka

Emilee Madison, Political Science & Public Administration, Promising Proposal

Mitchell Todd & Irene Brodd, Psychology, Parents Fighting Against Obesity

Alexander Rigney, Psychology, Learning with Confidence

Jaclyn Bowes, Psychology, Helping the Helpers

Khandaker Foysal Haque, Engineering & Technology, Algorithmic Accuracy

Jacqueline Akins, Geography, Courtesy of the Coast

Ibrahim Lacin, Geography, Mobilizing Knowledge

Adedoyin Adeyilola, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Geological Power

Nathaniel Jones, Geography & Environmental Studies, Innovative Investigations

Cameron Nixon, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Chasing Discovery

Dustin Brewer, Earth & Ecosystem Science, Keen of the King

Fadal Aldhufairi, Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences, Compatible Copulas

Daniel Carlsen, Biology, Where has the Rice Gone?

Sampa Maiti, Science of Advanced Materials, Pesky Polymers