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Faculty Highlight Stories

Each month a set of faculty stories are highlighted on the Office of Research and Graduate Studies homepage.  This page serves as an archive for all faculty highlight stories, broken down by academic year and college.  Explore and learn about the incredible work being done by CMU faculty!

2023-24 stories

    Cole Bartels, School of Music

    Marco Schirripa, School of Music

    Aiden Kosciesza, School of Communication, Journalism, and Media

    Alice Tait, Journalism

    Jason Taylor, Economics

    Adam Berman, Special Education

    Kevin Cunningham, Julie Cunningham, and Douglas Lapp, Education

    Jennifer Weible, Teacher & Special Education

    Chris Hamlyn, Athletic Training

    Sergey Soshnikov, Public Health

    Cloning Machine, College of Medicine

    Lana Ivanitskaya, Health Administration

    Samantha Hahn, College of Medicine

    Nailya DeLellis, Health Administration

    Andrew Wehrman, History

    David Weindorf, Office of Research & Graduate Studies

    Anthony Chappaz, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

    Rasha Gargees,Department of Computer Science

    David Zanatta, Biology

    2022-23 stories

      Kirsten Weber, Communication
      Will Anderson
      , Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
      James Wallace, Theatre & Dance
      Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Theatre & Dance
      Ann Dasen, Keeley Stanley-Bohn, Heather Trommer-Beardslee & Jay Batzner, Theatre & Dance and Music
      Steve Leeper
      , Art & Design
      Kirsten Weber, Communication

      Jason Taylor, Economics
      John Gawryk, Finance & Law

      Dawn Decker, Teacher & Special Education
      Gina McGovern
      , Human Development & Family Studies
      Robert Dvorak, Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services Administration
      Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski, Teacher & Special Education
      Scott Roberts, Teacher & Special Education
      Troy Hicks, Teacher & Special Education

      Nailya DeLellis, Health Sciences
      Katie Strong, Communication Sciences & Disorders

      Sharon Kukla Acevedo, Politics, Society, Justice and Public Service
      Kathy Donohue, History, World Languages, and Cultures
      Susan Jacob
      , Psychology
      Rising Waters, Center for Learning through Games and Simulations
      Jeffrey Weinstock, English Language & Literature
      Susan Grettenberger, Politics, Society, Justice, and Public Service
      Center for Learning through Games and Simulations

      Chanseok Jeong, Engineering & Technology
      Jennifer Schisa, Biology
      Scott McNaught & Tracy Galarowicz, Biology
      Wiline Pangle, Biology
      Jennifer Schisa, Biology
      John Allen
      , Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
      Jason Keeler, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
      Juan Peralta, Physics
      Steve Juris, Biology

      2021-22 stories

        Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Theater & Dance, Experimental Exercise
        School of Music, Pandemic Performances
        Will Anderson, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Highlighting History
        Will Anderson, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, President Award
        Trevor Diehl, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Provost Award
        Will Anderson, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Attention Audio Dramatists!

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        Jeanneane Wood-Nartker, Interior Design Program, Deliberate Design
        Michael Mamp, Fashion Merchandising & Design Program, Student Success
        Michael Mamp, Fashion Merchandising & Design Program, Distinguished Designer
        Counseling Program, Admirable Achievements

        Katie Strong, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Reinventing Research
        Jamie Haines, Physical Therapy Program, Experimental Exercise

        Natalie Douglas, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Communication Collaboration
        Stacey Lim, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Hearing Hindrance
        Yunfang Zheng, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Heard It Here First!
        Sarah Grinn, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Helping Your Hearing

        Emma Powell, Political Science and Public Administration, Community Care

        Center for Learning through Games & Simulations, Monumental Moment
        Jeffrey Weinstock, English Language & Literature, Prolific Publications
        Lane Demas and Jennifer Liu, History, Teaching in Taiwan
        Cathy Willermet, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work, Teeth: Signs of Stress

        Michael Conway, Provost Award

        Tao Zheng, Geography and Environmental Studies, Counting Carbon

        Thomas Gehring, Biology, President Award
        Anna Monfils, Biology, Planting Potential
        CMU Biological Station part of new Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Beneficial Biospheres
        Koblar Alan Jackson & Juan Peralta, Physics, Funding for Physics
        Cynthia Damer, Biology, Protein Precision
        Daelyn Woolnough, Institute for Great Lakes Res., Mussels on the Move!

        2020-21 stories

          Will Anderson, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Audio Dramas Awarded

          Will Anderson, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Audio Drama Revival

          Robert Lindahl, School of Music, Trusty Trombone

          Eric Limarenko, Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Dr. Jay Batzner, Ann Dasen, Paul Collins, College of the Arts and Media, Successfully Slipping By‚Äč

          Matthew Wilson, Marketing, Benefiting Business

          Deborah Gray, Marketing, Awarding Excellence

          Matthew Johnson, Educational Leadership, Classy Collaboration

          Michael Mamp, Fashion Merchandising & Design, Outstanding Efforts

          Susanne Wroblewski, Fashion, Interior Design & Merchandising, Research but make it Fashionable

          Troy Hicks, Teacher Education & Professional Development, Cover to Cover Confidence

          Cheryl Geisthardt, Human Development & Family Studies, What about the Children?

          Katie Strong & Natalie Douglas, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Strengthening Socialization

          Mark Cwiek, School of Health Sciences, Open and Honest

          Sarah Domoff, Psychology, Truth about Television

          Sara Moselener, Philosophy & Religion, Power after Purity

          Carlin Borsheim-Black, English Language & Literature, Equipping Educators

          Brittany Fremion, History, Power of History

          Jeffrey Weinstock, English Language & Literature, Expert on Edgar

          Jay Martin, History, Highlighting CMU's History

          James Gerhart, Psychology, The Power of Resilience

          Neli Ragina, College of Medicine, Call to Action

          Ziad Daoud, College of Medicine, Ruthless Resistance

          Zachary Klukkert, College of Medicine, Fossil Frenzy

          Prasanth Yanambaka, Engineering & Technology, Safe & Secure

          Mallary Wacker, Biology, Innovative Impact

          Jesse Eickholt & Patrick Seeling, Computer Science, Classy Collaboration

          Katrina Piatek-Jimenez & Ana Dias, Mathematics, Gender Equity in Math

          Kumar Yelamarthi, Engineering & Technology, Communicating with Cars, Building Blocks for Blockchain

          George Perdikakis, Physics, Cosmic Connection

          Donghyun Shin, Engineering & Technology, Enhancing Energy Storage

          Alfredo Estrade, Physics, Isotope Innovation

          David Zanatta, Biology, Musseling Milestones

          Valeri Petkov, Physics, Analyzing Arsenic

          Daria Kluver & Wendy Robertson, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Great Lake Resilience

          Jason Keeler, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Lake Air & Thunderstorms

          Wendy Robertson, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Tree Mortality & Swamps, Oh My!

          Jennifer Schisa, Biology, Power of the Protein

          Matthew Redshaw, Physics, Physics: Fun & Games