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Coaching and Other Services


  • One-on-one coaching in any of the topics listed under course offerings as well as in the areas of supervision/management, presentation/facilitation, and leadership skills
  • Small group coaching in the areas of team development, goal setting, and expectation/norm setting
  • 360-degree feedback survey and report.  We can provide you with feedback about how your work is perceived by your supervisor, peers, and anyone who reports to you.

Departmental, unit, or work-group-specific training

  • Present a variety of workshops during the year (see course offerings).
  • Assist in finding other CMU resources to meet your needs.
  • Assist in finding external resources.

Employee engagement surveys

What we have known all along has now been quantified by solid research: a happy employee is a productive employee. Employee morale impacts absenteeism, turnover, productivity, and virtually every business measure imaginable. There are two keys to successfully improving employee morale:

  • Conducting a simple survey that measures some key indicators of employee engagement.
  • Conducting meaningful conversations to genuinely listen to employees at the smallest-sized business unit possible. These are conducted to discover the causes behind the scores and to establish specific action plans to improve them and/or keep them great. 

Through customized programming, we will introduce you to the key factors that impact employee engagement, facilitate the application of a short survey to measure employee morale and levels of engagement and guide you through the process of having conversations that lead to meaningful action plans.

360-degree feedback reports

How well are you doing in your job? If you would like to take advantage of an opportunity to get constructive feedback from your peers, supervisors, and subordinates, call us to set up a 360-degree feedback survey. Participants in the Leadership Excellence program have found this to be a valuable experience over the last ten years and have gained multiple insights about their leadership styles.