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Find out what our international students say about CMU!‚Äč

Chaoyi Zhang, Shanghai, China

"I feel safe because people here are really friendly in general and always would love to help me with something. Sometimes even if we are strangers, we can still talk to each other like we are friends. This makes me think Mount Pleasant is a very peaceful and hospitable town. And most times, I didn’t even lock the door when I go out, and I don’t even need to worry too much about it."

Ali Almatouq, Al-Qatif, Saudi Arabia

" Mount pleasant is a very safe city, friendly people there, and it is nice city to live and study. If you compare it with any other city you will see the best choice for you is Mount Pleasant. I think CMU has a nice campus since students can walk from a class to another one by walking. No need for bike or bus. I am very thankful of being a student in this college, because It adds to my experience a lot. They have professional professors who gave me a real life education."
CMU Alumni - Purchasing and Supply Management

Naoki Kimura, Japan

"I am involved in multiple programs and organizations. I am involved in Asian Cultural Organization, SAP Student User Group, International Student Organization, Japanese Conversation Club. I am also a member of Global Ambassador program. I learned a lot from those experiences. I learned some issues about minority in United States. I learned how SAP ERP is used in the professorial world. I had a chance to build a strong network among international student community. I learned how to give presentations effectively."

Wan Jue, China

"CMU responded my university application really quick, so I received the offer from CMU earlier than the other universities that I applied. The second reason is that the tuition fee is relatively lower than other universities. I involved some events on campus. Those exhibitions in the library are interested. Usually, those events that I involved in are related my major or my future career, so it promoted my learning experiences, as well as allowed me to meet more friends here."

Mariam Saad, Lebanon

"The weather in Mount Pleasant is cold most of the year. Starting mid October up till April, the weather can get as cold as 10 F. It is very famous to be very changing during the day and the week. It might be warm in the morning and suddenly start a snow storm in the afternoon. Rain is occasional but often heavy. And snow can reach up to 6 inches sometimes. Spring is beautiful. It can get a little chilly with occasional rain, but it often sunny and nice for outdoor activities. Summer is said to be very nice. It is warm but can get humid sometimes during the day. Summer nights, however, are known to be perfect. Mount Pleasant is considered to be a very safe community. People are very friendly and helpful. They are open-minded and often eager to learn about other people's cultures. They are always smiling and welcoming. They do a lot for their community and urge for volunteer work. They know how to have fun and involve others when they can."
Current CMU student - Masters of Science in Experimental Psychology & Masters of Science in Administration

Ali Alhabib, Al-Qatif, Saudi Arabia

"CMU provides a championship in many different sports, so I every year choose a team to play soccer with them. I found that was really fun so far, also this experience helped me to know about more friends and that cause knowing other culture."
Current CMU student - Purchasing and Supply Management

Maher Alfuhaid, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

"I believe that Mount Pleasant is the best place to live in. The cost of living is so reasonable. I have a cousin lives in Illinois and compare it to here I really thanks god to be in Mount Pleasant."
Current CMU student - General Management