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Three Ways to Make Sure College is Worth the Investment

There are competing viewpoints about the value of college. Some point out the research that shows that a college graduate makes about $1.2 million more over the course of a career, while others fear the idea of a “worthless degree with crippling debt.” Personally, I have experienced the positive impact of a college degree on my quality of life. It’s important for students’ families to understand how to get the most out of college, because it is a serious investment. With that in mind, here are...

3 ways to make sure college is worth the investment

1. Utilize the Career Development Center

CMU’s Career Development Center assists with everything from finding a major, to creating a compelling résumé to connecting students with employers for internships and careers, and negotiating salaries. The services provided help students from their first year through their job search and into their time as a proud CMU alumni. Their job is to help our students get prepared for their job search and to use the degree they’ve worked hard to earn.

Check out the webinar we hosted with CMU's Career Development Center to find out why almost 94 percent of our most recent graduating class landed a job or graduate program within six months of graduation. 

Watch: How CMU prepares your student for a successful career

2. Engage in hands-on learning

At CMU, we say, “We Do.” What do we mean by that? We mean that our students won’t just learn from a textbook. They’ll produce a live television broadcast on Moore Hall TV and teach preschoolers in our Early Childhood Development Lab. They’ll chase storms in CMU’s weather vehicle and invest over $2 million through the Celani Student Investment Portfolio. They’ll create CMU’s annual Threads Fashion Show and treat patients at the Carls Center for Clinical Care and Education. CMU intentionally focuses on providing opportunities for students to learn by doing. Job seekers often complain that employers want experience. At CMU, you graduate with it! 

3. Network

I’ll put a small spin on a common phrase – It’s not only what you know; it’s also who you know. Students’ ability to build relationships with their classmates, professors, alumni, and employers will open opportunities for them as students and for a lifetime. With nearly a quarter-million alumni worldwide, CMU students have access to professionals in every walk of life and every corner of the globe. Looking for some easy first steps? Create a business card with a QR code to a LinkedIn profile; join a student group that brings alumni back to meet with members (like the Association of Recreation and Event Professionals); or connect with employers on campus. 

I hope this information allows you to help your student make the most of their college experience. To learn more about CMU’s career resources and opportunities for students to make the most of their time at CMU, please register to join us for the November 14 webinar with our Career Development Center. 

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