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Sales and use tax

Central Michigan University, a component unit of the State of Michigan, is exempt from the payment of sales and use tax.  However, there are instances where the university is responsible for the collection and remittance of sales and use tax when the university engages in non-exempt transactions.   The University's Sales and Use Tax Policy can be found at:

Reporting sales tax in dining services​

Sales reports are generated when each location register is ‘cashed out.' Sales are displayed on the printed cash register sales report by category (i.e., cash, check, credit, de​bit) and by taxable or non taxable. Sales tax is included in the category if applicable and listed as a lump sum at the bottom of the cash register sales report. When doing the daily deposit, Auxiliary Services lists the total tax collected on one line item (90000000-225100) and subtracts that amount from only one line item, sales-taxable (G/L 562000), rather than calculate it and subtract it from each category.

The Campus ID Office runs a daily report by location that lists total sales for the entire day and may include multiple check outs. This reports shows sales tax collected for each category. Auxiliary Services will file the daily report with the daily work to show the actual break out of sales tax.