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Responsible Individuals Listed in SAP

Cost centers - overview - responsible Individuals listed in SAP

An active staff member must be assigned to every cost center in SAP.  

  • The Person Responsible is the individual accountable for fiscal oversight of the resources allocated to the cost center.  
  • An Administrative Contact may also be assigned.  

These individuals will electronically receive payroll distribution reports for the cost center and may be contacted if there are any questions about the activity in the cost center. 

Run an employee cost center report​​ and request a change in contact 

Not all cost centers have a payroll distribution report. However, in order to ensure all applicable cost centers are updated when a request is made to change an assigned staff member, please search for the current listed staff using our online request form at https://costcenter
.  This is the main search page.

To search by name (preferred method which finds all records):

  • Click the magnifying glass first (you will not be able to type inside the box itself).
  • In the Person Search popup box,  enter the staff person's name (last only, or last, first), or Global ID, or Personnel Number.
  • Click the "Search" button or press your enter key. 
  • In the results box, make your selection by clicking the "Select" button containing the appropriate staff member's Personnel Number (PN).  The popup box will close, and the Person box will be auto-filled.
  • Click on the "Display Record(s)" to bring up all the cost centers where the staff person is listed as either the Person Responsible, or the Admin Contact, or both.

To pull up a single cost center (if you are unsure of the names listed):

  • Type the cost center number in the box and click the "Display Record(s)" button or press your enter key

To  request a change of contact person(s) or Campus Address, do the following on the results page in the first record of the results:

  • Search for the "New Person Responsible" or "New Admin Contact" by following the first four steps above by entering the Name, Global, or Personnel # of the new person in the field directly below the field you wish to have changed.  Do not search or fill in any fields that are to remain unchanged.  The New Address is not a search box, so you can manually enter the new address if needed (please follow the format – typically the two or three-letter building code, followed by the room number, with no spaces.  Some buildings codes are more than two letters, such as MDSOUTH. OCGLOBAL).
  • If you want the same change(s) copied to all cost centers listed, just complete any fields needed in the first record and then click the "Copy This Change To All" button.  This will autofill every record with whatever change you entered in the first record.  If you left any fields blank, they will remain blank in all the records, and the original information will remain unchanged.
  • Before submitting, please review all the cost centers to verify that the information is as you wanted it.  If there are a few cost centers that will have different "new" information from what you entered in the first record, you have the opportunity to change any new field individually prior to submission just by searching in the individual record and choosing someone else, or if some of the records are not to be changed at all, you can delete the new information that was entered in any of the individual records, leaving a blank field, and then those will remain unchanged.
  • If you  have any comments, you can state them in the box provided (such as start date, reason for change, etc.)

Upon submitting the request, a notification email will automatically be generated and sent to you as the requesting person, to Accounting Services, and all other names on the record for which you are requesting the change.  Accounting Services will contact the current Person Responsible on the records, if available, to obtain authorization to make the changes.  If the Person Responsible is no longer with the University, Accounting Services will obtain authorization by other means, determined by Accounting Services.  NOTE:  Your submission does not make the change, only requests the change.  No changes are actually made in SAP until authorization is obtained by Accounting Services.

For questions, email Accounting Services​ or call extension (3707)​.​