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Community Policing

Community Police Offices

Towers Complex - Kulhavi Hall

East Complex - Few Lobby

The Central Michigan University Police Department currently has two full-time Community Policing Officers. Officer Chapman's office is located in Kulhavi Hall, room 130 within the Towers complex, and Officer Martinez's office is adjacent to the Fabiano/Emmons/Woldt lobby. The Community Policing Officers are responsible for working with students and staff to improve the quality of life for residents by reducing the amount of crimes that occur in the halls.

Many of our other police officers participate in partnership programs with various residence halls or student organizations on campus. They act as a liaison between the group and the police department by attending their organizational meetings, conducting public education and information sessions, and participating in their organizational activities. The partnership program has helped spread the community policing philosophy department-wide, enhancing the level of safety and security enjoyed by the entire campus community.

Community policing officers work closely with the Residence Life staff as well as residents in each quad. The ultimate goal is to identify and address crime and disorder problems in the residence halls. Crime prevention takes on renewed importance in community policing, as both the police and its citizens become partners in identifying and solving problems. Without that cooperation, it is very difficult to decrease the amount of crime that occurs. In the event you experience specific problems or difficulties while attending CMU, please feel free to stop by our offices, phone us, or email us to discuss them. We're here to help make your stay at CMU a safe and enjoyable one.