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Dispatch Center

Staffed by full and part-time dispatchers, our Dispatch Center provides service to the campus community on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week. As the answering point for all landline 911 calls from campus, it is classified as a Public Safety Answering Point. Our staff handles all calls for emergency service — police, fire and emergency medical services.

Our dispatch also receives all calls to the department's non-emergency/business numbers. An average day results in handling 200-300 telephone calls in addition to police radio traffic.

In the evening and during the weekends, temporary and visitor parking permits are available from the dispatch office. Visitors who receive a parking violation may have them voided at our office.

Unlike many larger dispatch centers, it may be necessary to place your call on hold to handle other issues of an emergency priority. If this should happen, please bear with us as we promise to answer your call and get you the service you need in the quickest possible time.