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Fire or Smoke

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Take all fire alarms seriously, and TAKE ACTION if one occurs. Keep in mind that every fire is preventable, and it starts with you.

Take Action

If you see smoke or fire:

  • CALL 911.
    • Give the location of the fire (building, room number).
  • ACTIVATE the fire alarm immediately (if not already sounding) by activating a pull station.
    • If the alarm fails to operate, warn nearby occupants by knocking on doors and shouting warnings.
  • EVACUATE the building immediately.
    • Tell others of the fire as you evacuate.
    • Begin to account for others that have evacuated.
    • Report any missing people to emergency officials as soon as possible.
    • Know where CMU's Identified Shelter Locations are located.
  • Do not re-enter the building until emergency officials declare it safe.

If the fire alarm is sounding, follow the steps above for evaluation.


To prepare for a fire/smoke, know:

  • Where the emergency exits and fire alarm pull stations are in your building.
  • At least two ways out of your building or off your floor.
  • Where the stairs are located.
  • Where CMU's Identified Shelter Locations are located.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is the responsibility of all personnel.

Employees and students should follow safe practices to minimize the hazard of fire; supervisors must ensure that safe practices are followed on a daily basis.  

Under no circumstances shall fire doors be propped open using wooden wedges, bricks, dustpans, or any other means.