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Medical Emergency

There are many types of medical emergencies that could occur. Generally, follow the steps below during any medical emergency:

  • Call 911.
  • Ensure that the area is safe (look up, down and around).
  • Check to see if the injured person is breathing, has any pain and knows who they are/where they are located.
  • Don't move the person if they are injured.
  • Comfort the injured person until EMS arrives.

When speaking to the 911 dispatcher, follow directions and be prepared to answer questions about:

  • Your LOCATION, including the best entrance to get to you.
  • The TYPE of medical emergency.
  • Your NAME and PHONE number.

Types of Medical Emergencies

    Check to see if the person is awake (tap them and talk to them).
    If no response, check for a pulse and breathing for 8-10 seconds.
    If no pulse or breathing, SEND someone to get the closest AED, CALL 911 and START hands-only CPR (compressions) by pressing hard and fast on their bare chest.
    Continue compressions until the AED arrives and follow instructions from the AED.
    Continue CPR until medical professionals arrive.

    If someone has fallen and is injured, ASK them what hurts and if safe to so, have them stay where they are and then CALL 911.
    Stay with the person until medical professionals arrive.

    If someone is bleeding, attempt to STOP THE BLEEDING.
    Apply PRESSURE over the wound.
    ELEVATE the area with the wound.
    Consider using a TOURNIQUET to slow the bleeding.
    CONTINUE to do so until the bleeding stops or medical professionals arrive.