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The Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) is a statewide public employee defined benefit plan qualified under section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Service Code operating under the provisions of Michigan's Public Act 300 of 1980, as amended (Michigan Complied Laws 38.1301 et. seq.).  The plan is administered by the Office of Retirement Services (ORS).

MPSERS collects and compiles employee wage, contribution, and service information. Upon retirement, the annual benefit is based on a formula that multiplies the employees' final average compensation by a pension factor times the years of service.

Eligibility and contributions

This defined benefit plan is open only to those employees who have participated in MPSERS prior to 1/1/1996 at one of the following seven institutions: Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Ferris State University, Lake Superior State University, Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University, or Western Michigan University.

If you’re eligible for MPSERS, the University will start contributions as of your date of hire. Full-time salaried employees must make an irrevocable choice within 90 days as to whether to stay with MPSERS or go to the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). If no choice is made within 90 days, you will automatically remain in MPSERS. Hourly and part-time salaried employees will remain in MPSERS.

Information on your MPSERS retirement plan, retirement eligibility, retirement options, pension formula, information on purchasing service credit, ready to retire, after retirement and forms and publications are all on MPSERS website on miAccount and you can:

  • Review your account summary.
  • Check out years of service credit earned.
  • Service credit purchased.
  • MIP contributions and interest.
  • Calculate your monthly pension.
  • Change bank account information.
  • Change address and/or phone number.
  • Update beneficiaries.