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Benefits and Wellness


Connect to all your benefits through a single toll-free numberConfidential support for personal problems
  • We can answer questions about your entire benefits package
  • If you need to reach a specific benefit, we can connect you right away
  • Work through relationship and financial/legal issues, stress, depression, substance abuse
  • Get practical strategies and work/life resources to make life easier and find balance

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Benefit eligible employees are regular and provisional staff employees who work 20 or more hours per week; regular faculty; and on campus fixed-term faculty who have a semester contract of 20 or more hours per week. 

Post doctoral research associates appointed on a full-time basis are eligible for the benefit programs listed in their benefits in brief summary.

Below are links to a summary of benefit programs by employee group for all benefit eligible employees, as well as benefit eligibility criteria and employee costs.

Benefits at a Glance 

Benefits in Brief

Benefits Eligibility Criteria

Employee Premium Cost Share