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Day Two

We are excited to offer you a healthcare benefit for type 2 diabetes, diabetes prevention, and weight loss. We've partnered with DayTwo, a personalized nutrition program that uses food as medicine.  At CMU, we have your health and happiness in mind. 

With DayTwo, you can still enjoy the foods you love, making small adjustments. And the best part? There are no additional costs if you're eligible*!  DayTwo's approach has been proven to empower individuals, helping them achieve long-lasting results such as weight loss, lower A1C levels, reduced or eliminated medications, increased energy, and fewer food cravings.

DayTwo uses cutting-edge innovation to help determine what foods are better for you and keep your metabolism in balance by utilizing advanced analysis of induvial gut microbiomes.  There is also an app designed for everyday use that features a database of over 1 million grocery and restaurant foods uniquely scored for you. This way, you'll know exactly how your blood sugar will react to any food or combination of foods.

What DayTwo offers:

  • Real, lasting results: Reduce food cravings, loose weight, sleep better, increase energy, and improve overall well-being.
  • Easy-to-use app: In-app chat feature with a health professional.
  • Personalized food suggestions: Eat the foods you love, with small tweaks.

Answer a few questions, see if you're a match, and DayTwo will send you a stool collection kit to get started!  Learn more, check your eligibility and enroll today using the button below or by visiting

*Eligible employees include staff, fixed-term and medical faculty, and post-doctoral research fellows who can participate in the self-funded health care plans.