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Announcing your graduation in your hometown paper

You’re graduating – share the good news with your hometown newspaper!

Congratulations on achieving this incredible milestone! Earning your degree is a newsworthy accomplishment, and we encourage you to share the good news with your hometown newspaper. 

Using the sample text provided below, you can create a customized news release about yourself. Be sure to include the details that made your story exciting – the clubs you joined, awards and/or scholarships you received, activities you participated in, trips you completed, and plans for your next step in life! 

  1. Copy the sample text into a new document.
  2. Replace the {bracketed information} with details specific to your CMU journey!
  3. Find your newspaper’s general newsroom email address — it’s usually listed on the newspaper’s “Contact us” or “About us” webpage.
  4. Copy/paste your news release information into the body of a new email.
  • Direct it to the attention of the newsroom email address.
  • Use subject line: {NAME OF CITY} resident graduates from Central Michigan University.
  • Attach a photo, if possible.

Note that not all newspapers print commencement announcements, and not all newsrooms will respond back to your message. It’s still worth reaching out to share your great news with your hometown community!

Sample text for news release