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Honors Program Alumni

Since its founding in 1961, the Honors Program has awarded over 1,200 students the distinction of graduating with Honors. Honors students are represented in a wide variety of disciplines and Honors alumni go on to aim higher and achieve more in their fields as well as serve the greater good in their communities. A majority of Honors alumni pursue further education beyond their undergraduate careers, many earning advanced degrees at some of the finest institutions in the world (i.e. Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Georgetown, Yale, Duke, University of Michigan, Oxford, MIT, etc.). Honors alumni have even been recognized with national and international awards for their success.

Honors alumni remain active with current Honors students and the Honors Program in a variety of ways. Many volunteer as a mentor to current Honors students, some serve on the Honors Alumni Board, many attend Honors events, and others volunteer as guest speakers or participate in the Centralis Scholarship Competition. If you are a graduate of the Honors Program and you are interested in learning more about how you can contribute to the success of an honors student, please contact the CMU Honors Program office.

Honors Alumni Board

Many Honors alumni stay active in the Honors community by serving on the Honors Alumni Board. This group of dedicated individuals offers diverse ideas and perspectives that serve the interests of both CMU students and alumni.