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Congratulations to our Fall 2022 Graduating Student Employees!

Congratulations Graduates

CMU Libraries wishes to congratulate our student employees who will be graduating this fall. May your future be filled with joy and success!

Arwa Alaseeri (she/her) has worked for Access and User Services for over a year. She will graduate with a MSA and has a Major/Minor in General Studies. After graduation, she will be working for the University of Illinois in Customer Service.

 Her coworkers are her favorite memory of the library, and the Copeland Suite is the space she enjoys the most.

 A fun fact: People ask her movie questions since she is a movie encyclopedia. 

Rajesh Kumar Danasari (he/his) has worked for the Clarke Historical Library for over a year. He’s an MBA and MSIS graduate student specializing in Business Data Analytics. He plans to pursue a career in data analytics and play a critical role in strategic business management.

A few of his favorite memories of the library include attending team meetings with the entire Clarke Historical Library team. Also, on the day Clarke Historical Library received a new digitization camera, known as Phase One, he was able to operate it.

The Mary Dow Reading Room and 3 East are his favorite spaces in the library.

A fun fact: He loves photography. He took around 15,000 photographs and videos in and around Mount Pleasant but was too shy to share them.

Sara Daniels (she/her) has worked for the Clarke Historical Library since April 2022. She will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Education. Her degree includes a Major in Secondary Education, a Minor in English as a Second Language, and a certification in Creative Writing. She plans to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing after graduation. From there, she plans to teach high school English and eventually become an English professor. She intends to share her love for reading and libraries with others and hopes to publish poetry.

Her favorite memory of the library is when she dressed up for Halloween as a cow and her coworkers were cheese, milk, and lactose intolerance. She also likes the brownies from CMU Catering. Her favorite space in the library is the Clarke Historical Library’ book stacks because they are quiet, beautiful, and brimming with history.

A fun fact: She has the world’s best dog named Stanley. His favorite animal is the Eastern gray squirrel.

Sadie Fockler (she/her), an Access and User Services student employee since July 2018, will graduate with a degree in Biology and Anthropology and a major/minor in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation (EEC), and Anthropology. After graduation, she plans to focus on biology with a concentration in Ecology/Botany.

A few of her favorite library memories are of the people she works with and the friendships she made at the library.

A fun fact: She has two geckos.

Andrea Madison (she/they) has worked for Access and User Services since May 2021. She will graduate with a degree in Exercise Physiology with a major/minor in Clinical Exercise Science. After graduation, she will work for McLaren Central Michigan as a Telemetry Technician.

A favorite memory of the library is when she helped a past employee of the library find books through Smart Search. Of all the spaces in the library, she enjoys the Copeland Suite the most.

A fun fact: She and their sister both worked for Access and User Services.

Vamshi Krishna Reddy Yelma (he/his) has worked for Access and User Services since August 2021. He will graduate with a Master of Information Systems in Data Analytics. In the future, he plans to get real-life experience in data analytics, check out all his favorite places in the United States, and go back to India. 

Some of his favorite experiences and memories of the library are movie conversations with Tom, knowledge transfer sessions with Brady, and the opportunity to meet and help new people in the library. The Mary Dow Reading Room is the library space he enjoys the most.

A fun fact: He buys a lot of useless stuff even when he knows he is broke.

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