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The CMU Libraries Celebrates an Anniversary

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This year, the CMU Libraries is celebrating its 65th anniversary as a United States Federal documents depository library. CMU officially joined the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) on January 3, 1958.

The FDLP is administered by the United States Government Publishing Office, and the intent of the program is to provide the American public with access to the important publications of the United States Government. Depository libraries share a belief that taxpayer access to federal information is an essential condition of American democracy.

Government publications available through depository libraries include maps, the United States budget, census information, daily records of the activities of the Senate and the House of Representatives, information about laws and court decisions (including the Supreme Court), papers of the President, and more. While the FDLP began during the print era, most government publications are now made available to the public in electronic form.

Fun fact: there are currently more than 1,000 federal depository libraries in the United States. This number includes college and university libraries, public libraries, and state and federal agency libraries.

The CMU Libraries is pleased to be a long-standing member of the Federal Depository Library Program and remains dedicated to serving our university and community audiences by providing access to vital government information. 

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