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April 29, 2019: Market research, web design projects begin in May

This article originally appeared in CMU News on April 29, 2019.

Complementary efforts will kick off this summer to advance Central Michigan University’s marketing efforts and to redesign its web presence.

External experts will play a key role in the projects, starting with “discovery” visits to campus to assess current marketing and messaging and CMU’s website. These visits will begin to form a baseline understanding of perceptions, existing marketing and web products, and stakeholder needs, said Sherry Knight, associate vice president of university communications.

Beyond the discovery visits, all students, faculty and staff will be invited to participate this fall.

Contracts with a market research firm and a web design firm are being finalized. These partners will be announced after the contracts are signed. Both firms are national leaders in higher education, Knight said. They were chosen through an RFP process that included presentations to cross-campus teams of individuals from the colleges and units, including Enrollment and Student Services. (See below.)

The market research discovery visit will occur in early May. A timeline for the web project is in development.

“CMU’s website, our messaging and the many layers of our marketing campaigns play an essential role in student recruitment, in engaging prospective students and parents, and in shaping the university’s reputation,” Knight said.

“Both of these projects will advance CMU’s recruitment efforts. And the market research outcomes will help all of us — all faculty and staff — reflect our brand in our conversations and communications,” she said.

The web project is led by an executive sponsor team. Members are:

  • Ian Davison, interim senior vice provost, Academic Affairs.
  • Angelica Gomez, deputy chief information officer, Information Technology.
  • Betty Kirby, interim dean, College of Education and Human Services.
  • Roger Rehm, vice president and CIO, Information Technology.
  • Heather Smith, interim associate vice president, University Communications.
The market research advisory task force includes:

  • Monica Clark, market research project lead, University Communications.
  • Abby Dean, director, integrated marketing, University Communications.
  • Lee Furbeck, executive director of admissions, Enrollment and Student Services.
  • Deborah Gray, marketing faculty member, College of Business Administration.
  • Emma Gyasi, research analyst, Academic Planning and Analysis.
  • Jody Hassen, executive director of operations, Enrollment and Student Services.
  • Ben Jankens, chair, educational leadership, College of Education and Human Services.
  • Tony Voisin, interim vice president, Enrollment and Student Services.
  • Robert Roe, executive director, Academic Planning and Analysis.
  • Richard Rothaus, dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.
  • Brad Swanson, biology faculty member, College of Science and Engineering, and chair of the Academic Senate.
  • Heather Smith, interim associate vice president, University Communications.
  • Theresa Walters, marketing analyst, University Communications.
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