Central Michigan University's campus residency policy requires that first and second-year students live in a residence hall or in Northwest Apartments. Those who reach the four-semester requirement at midyear are required to complete the full term of the contract for the academic year (fall and spring semester).

CMU cares about student success and student success begins with living on campus.  National research shows that students who live on campus are more successful. Students who live on campus have higher grade point averages, are more satisfied with their college experience, are more engaged in co-curricular experiences, and more likely to graduate than students who live off campus.  When you live on campus, you belong to a community that supports and encourages your success. You live in close proximity to resources that are integral to student success.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships. No other housing option can provide students with this type of value.

All Office of Residence Life Housing Contracts are for one academic year. If a student does not qualify for an exception to the policy at the beginning of the year, the student must fulfill the contract even though they may become eligible for an exception during the year. Requests for exception must be submitted in writing to the Office of Residence Life.

Exceptions to the policy may be granted if special circumstances are outlined, and approval is obtained, prior to the signing of the Housing Contract. Some of these exceptions include, but are not limited to, students who are:

  1. Living at home with parents and commuting within a 60-mile radius
  2. Married and living with a spouse
  3. Veterans with one or more years of active service
  4. Special or guest student
  5. 21 years of age or older

Return the completed form to reslife@cmich.edu or in person at 270 Ronan Hall.

For more information on the residency requirement or questions on the exemption request form, contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@cmich.edu or 989-774-3111.