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Healthy Habits

What are healthy habits

To understand and adopt healthy habits we first must understand what a habit is. To make life easier your brain creates habits. These are automatic behaviors that you do without thinking. Research shows that 40% of your actions come from habits. Habits are healthy when they serve you and can include hygiene, exercise, morning "me time" and walking your dog. We can begin implementing healthy habits at any time, but before we do it is helpful to inventory our current habits both healthy and unhealthy. To take an inventory of your current habits click My Current Habits

How to create healthy habits

To start you need to identify the habit that you would like to change or add to your schedule. Once you have identified the habit, it's helpful to look at triggers or roadblocks that may affect your ability to consistently carry these habits out. These can include people, places, things, time of day and feelings/emotions. Once you identify your biggest triggers you can then plan actions and strategies to eliminate them and engage in the habit you are trying to create. Click on Change the Pattern for a template to help you create your personal habit-changing plan.

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