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Frequently Asked Questions about University Fees

    Simply log in to Central Link and access the Financial Planning & Budgets website. Once there, click on University Fees on the right-hand menu and then click on University Fee Forms. Complete the appropriate form electronically following the instructions provided and click submit. That is all! The electronic form will be routed to FPB and we will take it from there.

    The short answer is yes but please contact us first if you have more than one and we can direct you to the easiest route for everyone.

    Yes, documents can be attached at the bottom of the web form. All documents must be converted to a PDF format prior to attaching. If you are having trouble email the attachment to and we can do it for you after you submit the fee.

    No. All university fee requests must be submitted electronically on the Financial Planning and Budgets website.

    We ask that you get department director or chair approval prior to submitting the fee and attach the approval email to the original request. If you work in a college it will speed the process along if you are able to obtain the Dean's approval as well. FPB will obtain final signatures from the Vice President or Provost, as well as the President. You will receive electronic confirmation of the fee approval or denial from FPB.

    This is an estimated calculation for budgeting purposes only.  This is a required section to be completed by the originating department.  The budget section will auto calculate totals when anticipated enrolled or customers are entered.

    A continuing fee applies to fees that will remain constant until otherwise notified

    For any course-related fee, the GL will automatically populate to 510200 and cannot be changed. For non-course fees, select the GL from the master GL listing found in SAP. After FPB receives the fee request electronically, the GL will be reviewed by Accounting Services. Any GL changes will be indicated on the fee request. 540300 Misc Revenue is always a safe option if you aren't sure.

    When requesting an academic course fee, the university requires that proper notification of the fee is provided to the students. The submission deadline dates must be followed to allow adequate time for the fee to be included in the Course Schedule book for the semester in which the fee takes effect. If the fee being requested is NOT related to an academic course and is considered a non-course fee, the deadline does not apply and the form may be submitted at any time.