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Financial Planning & Budgets

About Financial Planning and Budgets

The Office of Financial Planning & Budgets reports to the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services and has the following responsibilities:

  • Preparing the university's current budget and long-range financial plans.
  • Allocating available resources through annual budget preparation and development.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the budget for the academic and service centers throughout the university.
  • Performing budget analyses and consulting chairs, managers, and others that have questions or concerns regarding the budget.
  • Preparing the reports and documents of actual and projected operating results of the university that are required to be submitted to the State of Michigan. This compliance work is required to receive state appropriations.
  • Responding to all requests, internal and external for institutional and budget data.
  • Administering and teaching instructional classes to make employees more comfortable and knowledgeable about the budget allocated to them and the process involved in the creation of the budget.
  • Performing position control functions which includes budgeting, monitoring, and human resources information systems maintenance.
  • Working with administrative and academic departments to resolve funding issues and give direction on budgetary procedures and policies.
  • Responsible for leading the state budget request process and capital outlay funding request process for the university.
  • Works collaboratively with Human Resources as a member of all University bargaining teams during staff negotiations.