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Reviewing Reconciliation Forms

In an effort to assist supervisors in quickly reviewing and approving CMU Business Credit Card Reconciliation Forms, we have compiled a list of the top ten things to review:

  1. All transactions listed on the  Credit Card statement are legitimate business purchases.
  2. Verify that purchases made using the CMU Business Credit Card are allowable. Purchases that are not allowed will be deducted from cardholder's paycheck.
  3. There are original itemized receipts for all business expenses except for per diem meals for the current statement period.
  4. Section A - Contact is filled in with Cardholder information.
  5. A narrative is included to describe all travel expenses.
  6. All travel expenses are reported in Section B - Daily Travel Expenses including dates and times of travel.
  7. Supplies and equipment costing over $500 are recorded in Section D - Expenditures.
  8. All Entertainment and Hosting activities are listed in Section D - Expenditures. Additional information for these expenses needs to be recorded on the Entertainment/Hosting Activities Supplemental Attachment or on a separate sheet of paper.
  9. The cardholder should sign in Section F. In addition, a CMU employee who is administratively senior to the employee/university representative must sign in Section F - Approval, and include the senior administrator's printer name.
  10. If a reimbursement claim is present, Section G - Financial is filled out correctly with Cost Centers, Internal Order Numbers, GLs, Amounts, and Descriptions.

If you have any questions regarding the procedures listed above, please contact or 989-774-3525 or 989-774-6944.