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Transferring Transactions into SAP

The CMU Business Credit Card's statement period runs from the 25th of the month to the 24th of the following month (i.e. April 25—May 24). Cardholders and their delegates can log into Spend Clarity to view and update credit card transactions anytime during the month. Transactions can be updated until the lockdown takes place. The Month-End Schedule lists the upcoming deadlines.  

After the lockdown deadline has passed, a Spend Clarity Administrator will create a file with the account coding information that was saved in Spend Clarity. This file will be sent to Accounting Services to be loaded into SAP. If any problems or errors with the account codes assigned to a transaction are encountered while doing the upload, the transaction will be allocated back to the default account codes.

Accounting Services will contact the cardholder to inform them of the incorrect account codes. At this point, a journal entry will need to be submitted to Accounting Services to have the transaction moved to a different account.  

Once the lockdown process has been completed, you can log into SAP to view your credit card transactions.