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Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

Use this procedure anytime there is a request to send an EFT from Central Michigan University.

Important: It is the department's responsibility to ensure that all information is correct. If incorrect information is provided (i.e. account numbers, name of account, etc.) and this causes additional transactions, the department will be charged. 

Responsible areaProcedure
EFT Initiator (department)

Invoice received for payment of services or purchase of a product. 

Verify that the invoice is correct and get approval to pay. Go to to submit invoice to payable accounting for processing. Prior to sending to Payable Accounting, you must have all of the correct documentation (along with the invoice), (received from the vendor) to include:

  • Pay to the order of: Correct name and spelling of the account holder
  • Bank name and routing number (SWIFT code if foreign)
  • Bank account number (IBAN if foreign)
  • Currency of payment to be sent
  • Dollar amount to pay
  • Provide additional details that need to be included for receiving bank. 
Payable AccountingPayable Accounting will forward the approved request, and backup documentation, to the Treasury Department at the following email address:
Treasury DepartmentOnce the EFT request is received, the Treasury Department will enter the EFT into the banking System. When the process is complete, the Treasury Department will respond to the initiating department and Payable Accounting with a message confirming the transmission of the funds, along with foreign exchange values if applicable.