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Frequently Asked Questions about MAC Scholars

Read answers to common questions about the Multicultural Advancement and Cofer Scholarship program at Central Michigan University.

    The Multicultural Advancement Scholarship or Lloyd M. Cofer Scholarship is stackable with any level of the Maroon & Gold Merit Recognition Scholarship. However, they may not be earned in addition to the Leader Advancement Scholarship or Centralis Gold Award, Centralis Scholar Award, or Centralis Maroon Award, as each of these programs have their own requirements which may conflict with those of the MAC Scholarships. As a full-tuition award, the Award of Distinction may not be combined with another scholarship. To learn more about other awards offered by Central Michigan University or how this award may affect your financial aid package, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at 989-774-3674,

    Yes, they are eligible to be stacked with those scholarship offers.

    CMU grant funds are very limited. In an effort to assist our students with the greatest need, CMU’s policy is to reduce CMU grant funds when a student receives a CMU scholarship. A CMU grant is not a scholarship and may or may not be renewed like a scholarship. Therefore, a scholarship is always the best option.

    Yes, once an award is made or changed, students are automatically sent a revised award notice via email, which invites them to log in to their financial aid portal to view the changes, The Financial Aid Office does not mail out a new award letter, but students can print a new, updated award letter from their portal.

    The student would need to fill out the Authorization Form and send it to

    The student would have to work directly with Sarah Kasabian-Larson, or 989-774-3674, to get that information. She would require their student number and an explanation of their situation. This step can only take place if both the student and their parents have exhausted all financial aid and student loan possibilities. This fund is not available to international students.

    To register for classes and such, a past due balance must be less than $200; otherwise, a hold will be placed on the student’s account.

    You need to contact Admissions at 989-774-4444 or to request a refund. The formal request has to come from you or your parent.

    Yes. First-year MAC Scholars are required to reside in Cobb Hall. “Building community amongst scholarship recipients is a successful precedent that CMU has developed over the past several years with their focus on Living Learning Communities. Living in Cobb Hall not only allows the MAC Scholars the chance to build community but also engage in informal-interactional diversity, which is shown to increase the learning outcomes of students in regard to “intellectual engagement, academic skills and active thinking” (Gurin, et al, 2002). It is our hope that students will share learning experiences as well as build strong, long-lasting relationships through their time in Cobb Hall. Get a 360° view of the residence halls.

    You will still need to go through the first portion of the housing application. If you have paid your Enrollment Reservation Fee with the Admissions office, you should be able to access the application by going to If you have specific roommates in mind, you can go ahead and create a roommate group on the application. Roommates will also need to be MAC Scholars. The MASS office will send Residence Life a list of all the students that need to be placed into Cobb Hall and Residence Life will assign everyone.

    The Office of Residence Life will attempt to honor roommate requests. However, they cannot guarantee all roommate requests will be fulfilled. Roommates will also need to be MAC Scholars. You can contact Residence Life at 989-774-3111 or

    The Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd M. Cofer Residential Community is designed to only house our first-year Scholars. However, returning Scholars can choose to live in Cobb Hall beyond their first year.

    The Award of Distinction scholarship covers standard housing and food rates. You would be responsible for paying the difference.

    The Award of Distinction will cover up to the highest meal plan, the All Access 300. However, you can choose whichever meal plan you would like. There is a step on the housing application that allows you to select your meal plan.

    Academic Advisors are prepared to help navigate course selections in a way that will not add any additional time to your studies. All MAC Scholars are required to take CGL 145, SOC 302 and an elective from the Cultural and Global Studies program. These courses fulfill general education requirements which allow the student to make progress on any CMU degree.

    We review scholarship renewal at the end of the spring semester. If you do not meet the renewal requirements by the end of the academic year, you are sent an email from the university stating the scholarship will not be renewed. However, if you successfully complete summer CMU courses that would allow you to regain your eligibility, you can submit a scholarship appeal and request re-evaluation.

    While attendance at these programs is optional, they represent a true opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and meet your cohort. Students who attend IMPACT are required to attend Leadership Safari. If you have any questions regarding Leadership Safari, please contact the Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute at 989-774-1548 or If you have any questions regarding IMPACT, contact them at 989-774-3945 or

    You can register for both events at

    Yes. Multicultural Academic Student Services welcomes and encourages your participation and involvement in our cultural celebrations, programs and events.

    For additional information please call the Multicultural Academic Student Services Office at 989-774-3945 or email us at