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MAC Scholar Testimonials

Sydney ReedSydney Reed, Class of 2020

"Being a MAC scholar has opened a world of opportunities for me since coming to CMU. I’ve built relationships with peers and staff who have become my family away from home, led some of the university’s largest programs, and grown immensely as a servant scholar. Because of this program, I am more than a student. I am a leader, advocate, and world changer. Looking toward the future, I’m not scared for life after college, but excited to use what I’ve learned as a diversity champion to be the change I want to see."

Kevin BautistaKevin Bautista-M, Class of 2022

"I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to return as a Multicultural Advancement Scholar and to continue learning more about diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism from all different backgrounds! The scholarship has given me so many opportunities like being able to attend university and continue my education, along with building a community with my cohort!"

Nada Al-AhmadNada Al-Ahmad, Class of 2023

"This year I was given one of the biggest opportunities of my life. As a MAC scholar I have been given a unique chance to explore myself and my interests, and the various cultures around me. I not only built new relationships with faculty and friends, but I also grew into a better version of myself. I was given the opportunity to engage myself in eye-opening conversations which enhanced my perspectives and awareness on life. Being a MAC scholar has allowed me to create my own toolbox which I will carry with me for the rest of my future endeavors."

Isabella CorreaIsabella Correa, Class of 2022

"Being a MAC scholar has blessed my life in more ways than one; I wouldn’t be at CMU and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the program. With that, I’ve increased my knowledge of the importance of multiculturalism and diversity. As well as, become more aware and appreciative of different cultures. The MAC program has brought the idea of being successful in college a reality. As a first-generation Latinx college student, I have been provided with resources that support, deepen, and, enhance my education. With that, I feel confident that after college, I will take the values of the MAC program and implement them into my career, in the medical field, and my everyday life!"