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Pandemic Performances

Picture of a student playing the saxophone highlighting the work of the School of Music in live-streaming concerts.

The CMU School of Music has been live-streaming their concerts over Facebook Live throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in their “Live from Staples!” concert series. Beginning in September of 2020, concerts have been regularly live streamed, allowing students and professors to continue their passion for performing even when no one can attend in person. Since the fall of 2021, the School of Music has been able to host both online and in person audiences, allowing them to reach more people than ever.

Since the beginning of their live-streaming process, the School of Music has acquired nearly 100,000 views, with each live-streamed concert reaching around 2,000 people. This is four times the capacity of the concert hall, and allows alumni, family members, and other music enthusiasts an easy way to watch live music performances. Live concerts have also had large amounts of in-person attendance, allowing student and faculty performers to enjoy the energy of live audiences again.

“It is during trying times that art forms like music are needed the most,” says Dr. Souza, the director of music events for the School of Music. He explained that being able to continue performances throughout the worst parts of the pandemic allowed performers to spread inspiration, comfort, and hope to virtual attendees. Their Live from Staples! series broadcasts regularly from the School of Music Facebook page on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m.

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Story by ORGS intern Ellie Heron

May 2022