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Integrated Marketing


Our work goes beyond billboards, TV spots and digital campaigns. We provide a holistic, comprehensive and authentic experience to our students — past, current and future —  their families, our faculty and staff, and the community that surrounds us all. And much like our students, our work requires teamwork and that Fired-Up attitude CMU is known for. We focus on branded, recruitment- and retention-based communications university wide and are happy to consult on projects outside of that realm when our workload allows.  

Teamwork makes the dream work (as they say)  

Our only goal? Helping you be successful. Have a project you'd like to see become a reality, need a piece of communication redone, or simply miss the group projects from your own education? From updating a foundational piece to releasing something wholly new and exciting into the world, we're here to help. 

  • Develop or reconceptualize a robust, thorough market strategy.
  • Develop cohesive, branded content to execute a market strategy.
  • Develop communication strategy to accomplish specific goals.
  • Bring collaborators together to find new solutions.
  • Launch a new initiative or program.
  • Determine and develop key message documents to bring cohesion to communications.

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Need to bounce ideas off someone?

Less like a peer edit and more like a brainstorm — we like to call them "brandstorms." When you need another perspective, can't get the words just right, need to innovate a new strategy to connect with your audience or want to bounce an idea off someone? Tag us in! We're ready.

  • Brand an initiative or program.
  • Brand executions in environmental spaces or content.
  • Review branded communications.
  • Strategize on creation of campaigns or launches.

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Give a university a branded message and it'll communicate for a day. Teach a university to brand its messages and…well, you know the rest. 

One of the most important pieces of our work is providing training. From narrative, tone and voice to inspiring brand advocacy, we host multiple trainings per month for anyone throughout campus.

  • Narrative, Tone and Voice — Wield the power of the CMU brand while you tell the story of your colleagues and students.
  • Living the Brand (Coming soon) — Bring the brand to life in meaningful, experiential ways in your spaces, interactions, procedures, policies.
  • Brand Ambassadorship (Coming soon) — Be a champion of the CMU brand, and help strengthen our reach.
  • Inspiring Brand Advocacy (Coming soon) — Activate the pride of our faculty, staff, students and alumni to elevate our brand

A team that learns together, leads together.  

Dig deeper with us, and schedule training for you and your colleagues. We'll workshop ideas together based on your current projects, and you'll leave with messages and tactics ready to use! 

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