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Erzikova, Elina




In Russia, Elina Erzikova made her way from a reporter to the editor-in-chief of a regional newspaper. While working as a journalist, she taught journalism courses to university public relations students and ran her own journalism school for beginning reporters. She also worked as a PR manager for a political party in Russia. Erzikova’s academic and professional specialization and passion are located at the intersection of journalism, public relations and political communication. She has published and presented a number of academic papers and received several academic and professional grants from various organizations. Her main hobbies —photography and travel — are journalism driven. Erzikova was named an Emerging Scholar in 2012 by the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. She is also a Fellow of the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama.


Recent Scholarships

Petersone, B., & Erzikova, E. (in press, available online on October 6, 2015). Leadership and Public Relations: A Comparative Study of Communication Management in Latvia and Russia. Public Relations Review. 

Lowrey, W. & Erzikova, E. (2015). A chapter, News media ecosystems and population dynamics: A cross-cultural analysis. In C. Paterson, D. Lee, A. Saha and A. Zoellner (Ed.), Advancing Media Production Research: Shifting Sites, Methods, and Politics. UK: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Lowrey, W., & Erzikova, E. (2014). Shifting institutional orders and responses to technological disruption among local journalists in Russia and the U.S. The International Communication Gazette, 76(7), 552-574. 

More about Elina Erzikova

Ph.D: 2009, University of Alabama
MA: 2005, University of Alabama
BA: 1987, Tashkent State University

Courses Taught

• Case Studies in Public Relations
• Public Relations Seminar