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Assistant Professor


Day J. K., Ioverno, S., & Russell, S. T. (2019) Are SOGI-focused policies associated with less disparity in LGBTQ youths’ school experiences? Journal of School Psychology 

Day, J. K., Fish, J. N., Grossman, A. H., & Russell, S. T. (2019) Gay-Straight Alliances, inclusive policy, and school climate: LGBTQ youths’ experiences of social support and bullying. Journal of Research on Adolescence. 

Day, J. K., Perez-Brumer, A., & Russell, S. T. (2019). Safe schools? Transgender youth’s school experiences and perceptions of school climate. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.
Socio-cultural factors associated with health and wellbeing of LGBTQ youth; 
LGBTQ-related health disparities; 
School policies; 
School discipline; 
National Council of Family Relations
Society for Research on Adolescence
Society for Research on Child Development

Courses Taught

HDF 110: Oppression: Roots and Impact on Human Development in the U.S.