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Lee, Jinhee

Assistant Professor



Jinhee Lee received her Ph D. in Communication and Information at University of Tennessee in Aug, 2017. Her research focuses on consumer resistance to pro-environmental advertising, specifically, the impacts of consumer skepticism on their evaluation of pro-environmental advertising. She has applied consumer’s cognitive and affecetive processing of pro-environmental advertising to explore her research agenda.

In terms of professional experience, she worked as a researcher at the Korea Internet Advertising Deliberation Organization, which is an organization that promotes the self-regulation of Internet advertising in South Korea. Her main duties was establishing Internet banner and keyword advertising self-regulation guidelines and monitoring keyword advertising to locate misleading advertising. 


Recent Scholarship

Park, S.J., Lee, J., & Park, J.S. (2017). Evaluating the message strategy of U.S. Army advertising: With focus on information needs and motivational cues. Journal of Promotion Management, 23(2), 303-319. 

More about Jinhee Lee

PhD: 2017, University of Tennessee 
MS: 2013, University of Tennessee 
BA/BS: 2004, Kyung Hee University, South Korea 

Courses Taught

• Advertising Media
• Advertising & Public Relations Research