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Stohlman, Trey

Associate Professor



Born and raised in the Mid-Michigan area, Trey Stohlman grew up wanting to be on the radio and television.  He found his passion in helping others achieve their radio and television goals through teaching. Trey worked his way up from a temporary instructor in 2005 to a tenured faculty member in 2017.  He enjoys talking, reading, researching, and writing about television, writing television scripts, and advocating for equal representation of marginalized and underrepresented populations on television.  He has won 2 Best of Competition awards in the Faculty Scriptwriting Competition from the Broadcast Education Association.  He is an animal lover, foodie, and enjoys travelling, especially to Europe.


Selected Scholarship


Service Responsibility

  • Assessment Coordinator
  • Curriculum Coordinator

More about Trey Stohlman

Ed.D: 2011, Central Michigan University
MA: 2003, Central Michigan University
BAA: 2001, Central Michigan University
  • Curriculum & Assessment
  • Rubrics
  • Pedagogical Best Practices
  • Television & Writing for Television
  • Culture & Cultural Stereotyping    

Courses Taught

  • Electronic Media Criticism
  • Writing for Small Screen
  • Introduction to Electronic Media Research & Writing
  • Qualitative Mass Comm Research Methods